Work should lead to the publication of theses

October 19, 2011 12:00 AM
Work should lead to the publication of theses

Companies and universities or schools approach, this is not new. It is even called a "heavy trend": there are decades apart and others work together. But over the years, these links become increasingly close. Companies have understood that they could find on the campus not only of the brainpower to recruit, but expertise, new ideas, track manager otherwise. Meanwhile, schools and universities have a vital need an opening on the reality of the business, under penalty of locking in a vain academicism.

The two worlds are complementary. Never had their cooperation was also necessary. Never it was intense. The creation of "main campus", bringing together on the same site schools, universities, companies and laboratories involved from this movement. Here are four examples of these partnerships, France and international.

Daher and the school of mines

How respond products or processes metal ageing or changes in the environment This is the subject of a Chair of teaching and research that has created the aerospace OEM Daher, in partnership with the Mines ParisTech and the Ecole des mines of Nantes. His works are intended for applications in Aeronautics and nuclear power. The contract, signed for a period of five years, provided a budget of approximately 1.5 million.

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"We have long relied on composite materials, explains Nicolas Orance, responsible for business development" in Daher. ". Today, we are answering in the metal. Chair help us, and we will also serve as a tool for internal communication. "It will build on the laboratories of two schools: Subatech in Nantes for nuclear and high energy physics, and the Centre-shaped materials (Cemef) to Sophia. Work should lead to the publication of theses.

"It is a very original subject, which was shortly dealt so far, said Stéphane Cassereau, Director of the Mines of Nantes.". This type of collaboration with industrialist is for us a way to acquire critical skills.

The new Chair was presented at the launch of the endowment of the school. "We want to accelerate our partnerships with businesses, continues Stéphane Cassereau. As the funding we receive from the State tend to decrease. "For the time being, school set a modest goal: 10 million euros over five years and fifty partners.

Ericsson and Tsinghua

Manufacturer of Ericsson phones comes to create China's Tsinghua in Beijing, one of the most prestigious of the country, an interest group dedicated to the future communications with the University. With aims to develop innovation in the Chinese telecoms. A platform for training, funded by both parties, will be made available to students.

Cooperation consists of three phases. In the first half, the two partners plan to organize seminars and training courses. The members of the group can then, in the summer, perform an internship at the centre of R & D of Ericsson in Beijing. Finally, in the second half, students can complete their own R & D project - with the prospect of funding by the University. "This interest group will enable students to develop all aspects of their skills," says Shi Zongkai, Deputy Secretary of the Committee of the Chinese PC at Tsinghua University.

Ericsson, which has made the Chinese market one of its strategic priorities, relies on a broad cooperation with several universities across the country. The Group welcomed more than 1,200 students in internship in 2009 and created more than 1,400 positions - including more than a third returned to young graduates. Tsinghua officials, for their part, are past master in the art to capture the support of foreign companies.

SAFRAN and Grenoble EM

It is a mega-contract that landed there are few Grenoble EM with the Safran Group. Associated with Cegos, the "business school" has for mission to train all 600 buyers from the OEM, in his University "corporate". Grenoble EM and Cegos have therefore designed and developed 16 training modules to provide a methodology and tools common to 600 buyers of the group - whether they are beginners, confirmed or expert. The opportunity for Saffron to disseminate a culture purchases from all of its companies. "Through this device, we want strengthen the competence of all our buyers, and notably better leverage this business", said Xavier Dessemond, Director of purchases of Safran. The company also hopes to that program can lead to obtain a certificate or a specialized type master degree. Grenoble EM, on the other hand, relies on its Institute for research and innovation in management of purchases (Irima).

Deutsche Bank and the Bocconi

Deutsche Bank has signed a cheque for 1.5 million for the prestigious Bocconi University of Milan. What to allow it to create a Chair of research in quantitative finance and valuation of assets, for a period of three years. It will be led by Professor Carlo Favero. In the program, the Organization of seminars in common on economic and financial subjects.

For the occasion, the CEO of Deutsche Bank will make its entry to the Board of Directors of the Bocconi. The staffing will also fund scholarships for top students (the Bocconi already spends EUR 22 million each year in scholarships). Milan University reinforces its pole of excellence in finance - it has already established partnerships with Nomura, Banca Intesa and Banca Mediolanum.