Boston’s Best Easter Day Events

March 30, 2015 10:00 AM
Boston’s Best Easter Day Events
" For many, Easter is a day spent at home with the family, but the spring weather and festive mood make many people want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Whether its for an Easter egg hunt with the kids or a nice brunch with a loved one, it feels good to embrace the season with some spring celebration. Boston has plenty of options, especially for egg hunts on a variety of different days. Even without an open schedule on Easter Day, there is still plenty to choose from.

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Aura Easter Brunch Seaport Hotel 1 Seaport Lane  Boston, MA 02210 (617) 385-4303

Date: April 5, 2015

Aura is making it easy for anyone to catch brunch Easter Sunday, even if they like to sleep in. Diners will enjoy the spring theme of carrot soup, as well as be able to enjoy brunch traditions like Eggs Benedict and pancakes. There will even be a chocolate fountain, in case the Easter baskets were a little short on candy. The Lance Houston Jazz Quartet will liven up the mood while kids will get to hang out with the Easter bunny and do crafts with Samara Lamm from The Kids Place 4 Fun "

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