Boston’s Best Science Exhibits

August 11, 2014 12:00 PM
Boston’s Best Science Exhibits
" Every modern city worth its mettle has an establishment that teaches and celebrates the various sciences. Many, like Boston, have several science institutions that offer exhibits for visitors and residents to get a taste of what is happening in science and its history. Even non-scientific establishments help promote the sciences in the city of Boston. After all, science is crucial to the advancement of humanity and, put simply, it is pretty cool.

Photo credit: Museum of Science

“Lightning!” Museum of Science, Boston 1 Science Park Boston, MA 02114 (617) 723-2500 ;Lightning!” is perhaps the most interesting exhibit in one of the most interesting museums in Boston. The entire building is full of scientific activities, displays and learning opportunities. However, only one is startlingly real and literally shocking. Using a massive Van de Graaff generator, the trained operators of this instrument put on an amazing show in the electricity room of the museum periodically throughout the day. It includes music made by electricity, lightning striking several objects in the room and even lightning hitting a cage in which the operator stands. This is real lightning, but in a very controlled environment for the most entertainment one can have with electricity safely "

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