8 Sports You Didn’t Know Were Sports

July 17, 2014 8:41 PM
8 Sports You Didn’t Know Were Sports
" The average sports fan sees organized sports in three tiers. The top tier includes all the sports you might expect — football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, etc. Pretty much anything that regularly draws thousands to a game and millions to the TV would qualify.

The second tier features sports you’ve heard of, and maybe watched. They occasionally even draw significant interest, though they ultimately stay below the radar. The Olympics are filled with these sports. Lacrosse, mixed martial arts and bull riding also qualify.

Get your sports fix during a bad sports week.

Then there are the sports you didn’t know were actual sports.

The third tier includes all manner of craziness, because people apparently have lots of imagination and even more free time. Some are actual games that someone somewhere decided to organize into a sport. Some are variations on a more popular sport. And some are, well… who knows what they are? And people compete at this stuff.

Here are eight sports you didn’t know were sports:

1. Beer Pong

If you’ve attended a party where beer was served, you’ve probably seen a game of beer pong. The concept is simple enough "

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