All Things Travel: The World Series Numbers Game

October 23, 2013 12:46 AM
All Things Travel: The World Series Numbers Game
" BOSTON (CBS) – The World Series in Boston is a numbers game and we’re not talking about the price of the tickets at Fenway Park.

The most important number may be the temperature at game time that could be about 40 degrees.

Having the World Series back in the Hub is big business. Just how big depends on who you ask. The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau says that every game is worth $2.5 million. The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce puts the figure closer to $10 million.

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The difference is the $8 million or so that the Red Sox receive in income from ticket and concession sales. The CVB does not include that figure.

The buses and limousines will be lined up in record numbers behind the bleachers in center field.

Those bicycle-powered Boston Pedicabs will have its fleet of 24 men and women drivers ready to shuttle fans from Boston hotels. These people work for tips and the business has grown from a season that starts in March on St. Patrick’s Day "

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