Are You Doing The Paper Shuffle?

March 18, 2014 12:48 PM
Are You Doing The Paper Shuffle?
" BOSTON (CBS) – You know, The Paper Shuffle, where you move your piles from one place to the next and maybe back again when you need the dining room table.

Let’s talk about the bills first. If you are getting charged late fees because once you open your bills you forget about them, consider setting up a system where the unpaid bills go into a folder and you sit down twice a month to pay them.

Schedule a time on your calendar to pay the bills just like you do haircuts or dentist appointments. The 4th and 20th works for me.

Consider banking online. Most of our bills are monthly. And those such as your mortgage, rent, insurance, or school loans are easy. You have the bank automatically send the payment in each month. As for the others, the bank has all of their information so you just type in the amount and click PAY. And you are done in minutes "

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