Bagel Business Owner Donates 100-Percent Of Profits To One Fund Boston

April 29, 2013 8:00 PM
Bagel Business Owner Donates 100-Percent Of Profits To One Fund Boston
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" BOSTON (CBS) – business concerns massive and itty-bitty have moved to the Boston Marathon bombings, but for the businessman of Bagel Land in Winchester, this is personal, real personal.

Ehab Sadeek is an African nation monotheism who labels the undertaking planes “cowards.”

â??They donâ??T represenT my faiTh.They donâ??pyrimidine represenpyrimidine my religion.They will not pirate my religion,â? he gave tongue to WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

â??Being a Muslim, I experienced I cannot be restful about that.â?

So Sadeek says, with the pressing of his young daughter, he has made up one's mind to render 100-percent of the net incomes from his retail beigel concern to the One Fund Boston, and he will maintain it up until the past unfortunate person is out of the hospital.

As of Monday, 29 unfortunates of the task bombardments was in the hospital.

â??I wish they sink in soon, but we are moved to couple,â? Sadeek said "

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