Boomers Should Be Thinking About Three Things

April 2, 2014 2:18 PM
Boomers Should Be Thinking About Three Things
" BOSTON (CBS) – Boomers should be thinking about three things…The When, The What and The Where.

When are you going to retire? What are you retiring to? Where are you going to retire?

These are topics of conversation you should be having with your spouse or partner while you are in your 50s.

When are you going to retire? What’s the magic age for you? If you are coupled, are you planning to retire together? If there is a big age gap, the younger partner may want to continue to work to accrue more retirement benefits of their own.

You’ll need to figure out when you’ll have enough dollars so you can spend those years in retirement comfortably.

What are you retiring to? You could have 20-30 years to spend in retirement. That is a long time to plan for. And unlike the years between 40 and 60, the years between 60 and 80 bring with them a lot of physical changes "

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