Brookline Styrofoam & Plastic Bag Ban Going Into Effect On Sunday

November 30, 2013 8:30 PM
Brookline Styrofoam & Plastic Bag Ban Going Into Effect On Sunday
" BROOKLINE, Mass. (CBS/AP) — Brookline’s ban on plastic shopping bags and styrofoam is set to begin on Sunday, but those charged with enforcing the law say they plan to phase the change in gradually.

The town voted last year to ban plastic bags and polystyrene — some plastic and foam — containers.

Alan Balsam, Brookline’s director of public health and human services has said he’s allowing retailers to use up their current inventories of the disposable plastic bags before switching to acceptable alternative bags.

He plans to begin enforcing the ban of polystyrene food and beverage containers starting in January.

According to a Brookline Tab report from last month, Balsam says about 75 businesses will be impacted by the plastic bag ban, while more than 350 businesses will have to adhere to the styrofoam ban, including every restaurant in town.

Supporters expect the ban will cut down on trash and keep the foam products, which take years to break down, out of landfills "

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