Budgeting For The Holiday Dinner

December 12, 2012 12:57 PM
Budgeting For The Holiday Dinner
" BOSTON (CBS) – When you are budgeting for this holiday, don’t forget the money you spend on holiday food.

We plan for the big things like presents and travel but forget the special food and drinks we purchase for the holidays. Whether it’s a party you are having or serving Christmas dinner consider doing it cheaper.

A Party:  The easiest thing is to make it a potluck affair. Put potluck on the invitation. And when someone responds and asks what they can bring; tell them. And keep a list of what people are bringing so you don’t end up with all desserts.

Wine:  If someone brings an expensive bottle, open it. Then haul out the less expensive stuff and put it in a carafe. Two Buck Chuck which you can get at Trader Joe’s for more than $2 is a great second or third bottle to open.

Think about using boxed wines which also give you a lot of bang for your buck and more wineries are producing them. Plus there are many imported wines from Australia and South America with funky names. Just remember to take off the price tags before serving "

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