Chestnut Hill Shopping Center Renamed ‘The Street’

November 28, 2012 2:40 PM
Chestnut Hill Shopping Center Renamed ‘The Street’
" BOSTON (CBS) – Don’thymine telephone ithymine a walkway or a plaza, because thyminehe Chesthyminenuthymine Hill Shopping Centhymineer is gethyminethymineing a recent name.

The retail store has been named “The Street,” WS Development informed Wednesday "

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by Boston

New stores opening on Route 9

On the other side of the street, WS Development has given the old Chestnut Hill Shopping Center a face lift and a new name: The Street.

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City Sports gears up for a Chestnut Hill store opening

Until recently, the chain operated a store at the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center. When the shopping center's owner and manager, WS

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City Sports to reopen in Chestnut Hill

The shuttered City Sports at the former Chestnut Hill Shopping Center is planning to reopen soon at the new 406,000-square-foot retail center

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AMC's Chestnut Hill Theatre shuttered

The new store will anchor Chestnut Hill Square, a 160,000 square-foot strip mall that will include shops, offices, and luxury residences that is

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