Don't Rely On Inheritance Money To Fund Your Retirement

May 28, 2013 5:59 PM
Don't Rely On Inheritance Money To Fund Your Retirement
" BOSTON (CBS) – The world is there may not be so much medium of exchange to acquire from mamma and dad.

TodayĆ¢??s nonworkers are wealthinessier than late contemporaries and the media has been describing for twelvemonths that there is mega-money coming, the top intergenerational wealthiness transfer.But that financial condition may not make the heirs.

And agreeing to The Center on Wealth & Philanthropy at Boston College, there are one million million millions of monetary units that the Boomers could inherit "

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Don't rely on inheritance

Don't rely on inheritance. Print Email Relying on one can be problematic; there are many events that can rob a beneficiary of an inheritance.

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