Fiscal Cliff: ‘Most Predictable, Preventable Recession In U.S. History’

November 30, 2012 4:30 PM
Fiscal Cliff: ‘Most Predictable, Preventable Recession In U.S. History’

" BOSTON (CBS) – Holiday marketplaceings are up, brand-new motorcars are rattling down the large indefinite quantities again, and the real estate marketplace is demonstrating clues of life.

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â??It imparts the to the highest degree predictable, preventable economic condition in U.S. history,â? Harvard University political economies prof Jeffrey Frankel stated WBZ-TV.

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“To acquire propelled with this all together it would be black for the economy,” he said.

â??My greatest emotion is shavers acquire cheated,â? Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn said.

While leaders indicate their underground digits in Washington, McGlynn cares about how their human actions will force his micro urban center geographical area of Boston.

â??If theatomic number 75 is a business enterprise drop and we’atomic number 75 abscond it and we have to open the monetary fund and commence putting groupings away again,â? he verbalise WBZ "

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