Fishing Industry At Risk Of Disappearing In New England

November 26, 2013 4:36 AM
Fishing Industry At Risk Of Disappearing In New England
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" GLOUCESTER (CBS) – The industry that built New England is at risk of disappearing. Fishing has always been a mainstay, but things have drastically changed. Environmentalists say global warming has depleted fish stocks. Fishermen argue there are fish, and regulations that defy common sense.

“It’s killing me,” says Joe Orlando. “I come down to the dock every day and look at my boat rusting away.”

Joe Orlando has fished off Gloucester his whole life. A couple years ago WBZ-TV was at sea with him and his son. At that time he said federal regulators were hurting business. Now he says they’re ending it. All because federal scientists say there is no cod left in these waters.

“It’s not about fish, we just want to know why they are doing this to us,” Orlando says. “We have no trouble catching fish "

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