Forum Restaurant To Reopen Thursday After Boston Marathon Bombing Repairs

August 12, 2013 3:19 PM
Forum Restaurant To Reopen Thursday After Boston Marathon Bombing Repairs
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" BOSTON (CBS) — Four months ago this week, the Forum restaurant was rocked by explosions as two bombs were detonated nearby.

One of the two bombs that exploded on April 15 had been placed just feet from the entrance of the Forum, causing significant damage to the building.

People standing outside the restaurant were badly injured and the staff rallied to help the wounded.

Now on Thursday, Forum will reopen. The first dinner service will be Friday.

General manager Chris Loper said workers are putting on the finishing touches now.

“It’s exciting to be ready to re-open again, and welcome our guests back and the city of Boston back, and show we are strong and ready to go,” Loper said.

The Forum sustained heavy damage during the Boston Marathon bombings. “There were some windows blown out and damage to the flooring downstairs,” Loper said "

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