Great Ways To Save On Travel From The AARP Bulletin

August 5, 2013 1:52 PM
Great Ways To Save On Travel From The AARP Bulletin
" BOSTON (CBS) – There are 99 suggestions in the AARP article and we left off on #62 last week. No you didn’t miss anything we did not review every one of the money tips. Just some of them. You can link to the original article from our website. Let’s start off on the travel section.

#64 Hotel Upgrade: Never book a premium hotel room or luxury car. Instead, save money by reserving a standard room or car and then asking for a free upgrade upon arrival.

Dee: That has never worked for me. Never! And I have tried. Even when we had a leak one time in our bathroom which left big puddles they did not upgrade. They gave us another room and free breakfast the next morning but no fancy upgrade.

#65 Freighter Cruises: Looking for an offbeat cruising experience at a reasonable price? Check out freightercruises "

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