How To Eat Out For Less

July 17, 2012 12:00 AM
How To Eat Out For Less
" BOSTON (CBS) – Eating out is one of America’s favorite past times. I like good food and particularly I like good food I don’t have to cook. But I am also cheap!

So no I am not going to tell you to stop eating out, just do it smarter. I am not going to cover all of the new websites out there like Groupon or CBS Local that offer you deals where you have to buy a certificate to get 30-50% off your dinner. We did that earlier in the month.

This is about coupons and cheap meals! They are often available in the Sunday papers or online. Type in “restaurant coupons in the Boston area” and all sorts of resources pop up.

Some of the restaurants have e-mail newsletters and if you sign up, they will send you coupons. I have a coupon from Not Your Average Joe’s for a free entrée and dessert for my birthday.

How about lunch out instead of dinner? Smaller portions with a smaller price tag "

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