How To Save More

September 9, 2014 2:10 PM
How To Save More
" BOSTON (CBS) – As a society we need to save more. Our government can print up money but you and I cannot!

Almost every goal we set or decision we make as adults has a financial component. You want the American dream; a house, kids and a comfortable retirement. That all costs money!

Saving money is important. And in order to save money you will need to spend your time. If you could save $100 on groceries and spend 2 hours doing it that is the equivalent of getting paid $50 an hour.

The sad thing about the food we buy is that the average family wastes about $2,300 in food each year.

To buy that first house you need a down payment. You have to save to get that down payment.

Having kids makes you start thinking about the cost of college. You know that a college degree for most kids means a better job. How much do you need to save to educate junior?

On your want list is a comfortable retirement. You need to save money to have a comfortable retirement "

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