Ice Cream Companies Changing The Way Some Flavors Are Manufactured

June 1, 2013 1:22 AM
Ice Cream Companies Changing The Way Some Flavors Are Manufactured
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" BOSTON (CBS) — A sultry period of case is at length upon us thusly itâ??s case to relish all the state of affairs we asthuslyciate with summer.And course, that intends frozen dessert.

But some business concerns are altering the mode they do one of summerâ??s popular treats, and no everyone is joyous about it.

Mary Bach has been getting Breyers for years, but the past cartonful went forth a wicked after taste.

â??I brought up it abode and I did it to few social unit associates who right away gave tongue to thing is false with this product.â?

After interpreting the label, Mary found the language units â??cold Dairy Dessert,â? not â??Ice Cream,â? like the instrumentality utilise to say "

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