March Madness In Boston Could Generate $22M For Local Economy

March 21, 2012 12:00 AM
March Madness In Boston Could Generate $22M For Local Economy

" BOSTON (CBS) – March Madness hits Boston on Thursday, and although Harvard University made a first round exit, there’s plenty for the city to cheer about.

The tournaments mean a nice boost for city businesses.

The East Regional Finals of the NCAA Tournament at the TD Garden are expected to generate up to $22 million for the local economy, according to the Greater Boston Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

Bureau said that on the surface, this looks like a three-day event covering the games from Thursday through Saturday. But in actuality, it’s a 6- to 7-day event for Boston and Cambridge.

Teams started arriving on Monday, and after that, NCAA officials, media and fans made their way to the city "

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