More Savings On Food From The AARP Bulletin

August 7, 2013 2:24 PM
More Savings On Food From The AARP Bulletin
" BOSTON (CBS) – Today more savings on food. Again, some practical and some not worth the effort or in some cases the mess.

#76 Use The Wrapper: Reuse empty butter wrappers to grease a baking pan. You can store them in the freezer.

Dee: But why would you want to have a freezer full of used butter wrappers. If you are baking and use a stick of butter in the recipe then use the wrapper to grease the pan but saving it in the freezer? Saving butter wrappers is not practical and really how much do you bake and how much would you save over a month? Hardly worth the effort.

#77 Home Fans: Many restaurants such as Papa John’s or Domino’s offer discounts on pizza when the area’s professional sports teams win.

Dee: It is a good deal if you are wanting a pizza after the game. There seems to be more of these promotions during football season "

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