Moviegoers Hope To Save Peterborough, NH Theater

January 30, 2013 5:55 PM
Moviegoers Hope To Save Peterborough, NH Theater
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" PETERBOROUGH, NH (CBS) – It was the manner flicks were followed for decades, but 35mm is no more in vogue.Digital is not but the time to come it is the present, pressure small-town theatre like the Peterborough Community Theatre to renew or change form the red-carpet.

“I was really verbalize by one workplace ‘go down digital or go down away’,” verbalise Roy Mills, who has the Peterborough with his wife.

That communication has Mills keel because it is 10s of Gs of monetary units to place to digital equipment.Mills reckons he involves to vex to $60,000.

“a great deal of spots are being leave of business,” expresses Mills "

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