Our Kids Need To Know About Money

November 23, 2012 1:09 PM
Our Kids Need To Know About Money
" BOSTON (CBS) – What a day to be out! This is the busiest shopping day of the year and I for one am staying far away from the malls. Far, far away! But even without me, millions of dollars will trade hands today.

Our Kids Need To Know About Money

Today is referred to as Black Friday. A busy day will keep the retailers in the black.

Some of you are out shopping and you may have the kids with you in the car. As harried as you are right now, why not give the kids a money lesson? If you get them alone in the car and you can get them to turn off their electronics including their cell phones you could have a captive audience.

Kids need to understand money and how we as adults get it into our hands. Tell a small child that you have no money to buy something, and she will suggest charging it.

Kids also think that money comes from the ATM. Most kids have never been inside a bank, just the drive through or the ATM machine. And worse they think ATM stands for Always Taking Money "

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