Taking A Look At Your Portfolio

January 13, 2014 3:48 PM
Taking A Look At Your Portfolio
" BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s start the New Year with a look at your portfolio. And most of you do have a portfolio if you invest in your retirement plan at work.

To reach your financial goals of a comfortable retirement or sending the kids to college you will be investing in the stock market.

Mutual funds are what most of us invest in. We pay someone else, a fund manager, to mind the store for us and choose the investments.

You will want to build a portfolio based on your goals and time horizon. How many funds you own is partly a function of how much money you have to invest.

I would recommend a simple six-pack of mutual funds in the beginning that might include the following:

Large Cap Growth Large Cap Value Small Cap Blend (Value & Growth) Mid Cap Blend (Value & Growth) International Bond/Money Market/Cash

You will need to know the various fund minimums and you want enough money in each fund to make an impact on your portfolio’s overall performance "

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