Understanding Your Mutual Funds Statement

January 17, 2014 4:14 PM
Understanding Your Mutual Funds Statement
" BOSTON (CBS) – Mutual fund companies send out annual statements the end of January. In addition, you should have received your 4th quarter report for 2013. Unless you have opted out you will get a paper copy.

Understanding Your Mutual Funds Statement

Many investors do not open these statements. They just toss them in a pile or file them. Find them and take the time to review them.

Those statements are going to become the worksheet for analyzing your portfolio.

How much is in your retirement plans? College savings? Emergency fund? What’s your net worth once you add it all up? What are you invested in? Mutual funds? Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Real Estate? What’s your asset allocation? Is your asset allocation compatible with your goals?

Often times there is a pie chart on the statement, which is a picture of what you have in your portfolio broken down into categories and percentages. How and where your money is invested; this is your asset allocation! If it’s not on the statement get on their website and they will have it there for you to review.

You want to be sure you are diversified, meaning your portfolio is not lopsided "

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