Ways To Save From Our Listeners

September 13, 2013 2:24 PM
Ways To Save From Our Listeners
" BOSTON (CBS) – I have pages of ideas on ways to save from our listeners. I am just going to highlight a few.

Ways To Save From Our Listeners

Grocery Shopping: Make it a family project and get the kids to clip the coupons.

Use a shopping list whenever you go shopping. Often people go shopping for recreation and for something to do and without a list or a plan they randomly buy stuff. Saving more should become a family project and it should involve the whole family.

Life Insurance: If you have had your policy for 10 years or more see what you can do to lower the costs. Term life insurance has actually gotten cheaper because the insurance companies discovered that we were living longer.

Phones: Talk and text less! Or get a plan that includes everything you want. Or combine cable, home phone and cell phone for lower costs. And check out the apps you thought you couldn’t live without. Do you need the GPS on your cell phone and in the car?

Bank Fees: ATM fees are the biggie here. Paying $3 to $6 to withdraw $50 is a lot of money. Actually it’s costing you 12% "

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