Ways To Save On Beauty Products From The AARP Bulletin

August 1, 2013 2:03 PM
Ways To Save On Beauty Products From The AARP Bulletin
" BOSTON (CBS) – This section is all about ways to save money on your every day beauty products.

#50 Long-Lasting Lipstick:  When your lipstick reaches the top of the tube, apply it with an inexpensive lipstick brush. Or scoop the remains into a clean jar and a dab of petroleum jelly for gloss.

Dee: You can tell the author of this article is a man. Lipstick is cheap and most women do know to apply it with a brush when the tube is almost gone. But what do you scoop it out of the tube with? And why would you mess up a jar by putting lipstick in it. I’ll bet he never tried to get lipstick stains off dishes or out of a jar for that matter. Don’t bother, buy a new tube. They are not expensive "

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