WBZ Listeners Chime In With Ideas On How To Save More Money

September 14, 2012 12:00 AM
WBZ Listeners Chime In With Ideas On How To Save More Money
" BOSTON (CBS) – Use A Shopping List Whenever You Go Shopping:  Often people go shopping for recreation and for something to do so without a list or a plan you will randomly buy stuff. Saving more should become a family project and it should involve the whole family.


Re-Evaluate Your Car Insurance:  Get quotes from several different companies and see how much you can save. Do you have towing through your Triple A membership and your insurance company? Are you paying for it twice? Can you bundle your auto and home insurance?


Life Insurance:  If you have had your policy for 10 years or more see what you can do to lower the costs. Term life insurance has actually gotten cheaper because the insurance companies discovered that we were living longer.


Grocery Shopping:  This does take work on a weekly basis but you can make it challenging and fun. When my children were younger I made it a family project and their job was to clip the coupons. Now you can send your kids to the computer to get the coupons.


Phones:  Talk and text less! Or get a plan that includes everything you want "

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