When It Comes To Love, Marriage, And Divorce…Money Matters

December 31, 1969 12:00 AM
When It Comes To Love, Marriage, And Divorce…Money Matters
" BOSTON (CBS) – Fighting about money is a better predictor of a future divorce, according to research by Utah State University. Married couples that frequently fight over money are more likely to split up. Even when compared to frequent fights over other issues, such as chores, sex and the in-laws.

Couples are getting married later; the average age of a man is 28 and a woman 26. They are often merging two households, may even own two houses. It may be a second marriage for one or both. So what should be owned individually or owned jointly?

Houses:  If you both own your own home, you may want to consider selling them and buying one jointly. If you sell one and move into the other one, decide the ownership issues. Do you add your new spouse to the deed? Do you add them to the mortgage as a responsible party? Have fun deciding which furniture you keep and whose goes to Goodwill. Credit History:  A marriage does not automatically meld credit histories "

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