Will You Be Working In Retirement?

April 4, 2014 2:54 PM
Will You Be Working In Retirement?
" BOSTON (CBS) – Working is part of many pre-retirees retirement plan. 80 percent of Boomers say they plan to work in retirement, many because they will have to.

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But not that many folks over 65 are actually working. Today about 4% are still in the workforce. And if you have been working in a physically taxing job or are in poor health you may not be able to continue working as you age.

According to an ING survey, four in 10 Americans believe the economic climate will force them to retire up to 10 years later than originally expected or not at all.

Workers will remain at their jobs longer than ever before just to keep up with their bills and ensure food is on the table.  The survey results also noted that workers are concerned about saving enough money for retirement.

The jobs most likely needing the graying population will be in sectors such as healthcare, education and social services.

Consider a bridge job which is something that will take you from your working career into full retirement. A transition job "

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