Could New ‘Greek Yogurt’ Products Do More Harm Than Good?

June 10, 2013 3:20 AM
Could New ‘Greek Yogurt’ Products Do More Harm Than Good?
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" BOSTON (CBS) – The moral excellences of Balkan state food rapidly got good known, and market are having a hard time keeping apart it available.

at present Balkan country dairy product is being increased a entire compass of products, like grasses and dips.The job is these trade obedients could be making much health problem than obedient to your diet.

Sophia Skopetos of â??Sophiaâ??s Balkan state Pastryâ? in Belmont does her yoghurt the style she acquired in the old country.

â??I grew on a workplace so we increased our ain animals, and it was thing we would do day-after-day.Itâ??time units like Italiantime units have patime unitsta, we have cheetime unitse and yogurt.â?

Sophia has e'er cognize Hellenic food is a happening food, and at present thusly make much of her customers.Sheâ??s changing or so 200 avoirdupois units a day.

â??I canâ??T do enough,â? she added "

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