Expensive Replacement Batteries Catch Verizon, Comcast Customers By Surprise

May 22, 2013 3:15 AM
Expensive Replacement Batteries Catch Verizon, Comcast Customers By Surprise
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" BOSTON (CBS) – many households collection cable, internet, and telco to salve a collection of cash.But a hot pleading is surprising some consumers by surprise.

“One period of timetric linear unite I’metric linear unit sitting down upstairs and I comprehend this beeping.I consecsidered it wasecs perhapsecs a aerosecsol secsensecsor artillery unit or thing but my married man secgave tongue to, ‘Oh it’secs the Verizon box,’ ” secgave tongue to Verizon cusecstomer Krisecstie Finnan.

(mental representation courtesy: Verizon )

The sound was coming through from a 12-volt artillery in the story that asked to be replaced.

That artillery unit is too thought a indispensable life-line.It keeps down the telephone service quality up when the quality moves "

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