How To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Bill

September 6, 2013 3:00 AM
How To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Bill
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" BOSTON (CBS) – There are few bills more dreaded than the annual car insurance premium, but there are ways to avoid being one of the thousands of drivers who are paying more than they have to.

“Americans are missing a lot of discounts and that could really add up,” says Laura Adams of InsuranceQuotes .

Adams says a recent survey found that most drivers aren’t aware they are eligible for discounts and there’s a reason.

“If you think ‘well my insurance agent will just call me and say hey you are entitled to a discount,’ you are mistaken,” she says.

Adams says consumers really need to be proactive and ask about specific discounts.

Some examples include discounts for getting and paying your bill online, for married couples, and those who bundle their home and auto insurance "

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