Is Your Health Club Stealing From You?

July 23, 2012 12:00 AM
Is Your Health Club Stealing From You?

" BOSTON (CBS) – We all hear we should exercise more, but for some people the benefits can be outweighed by the problems.

Health clubs are a common source of consumer complaints.

Maureen McGuiness of Easton just spent $199 to renew her membership at the Metro South Athletic Club in Brockton. Then the club abruptly shut its doors in June.

“It was very shady, because they had to have known,” said McGuiness.

Her son Jonathan is also out a couple of hundred bucks. He says he saw the owners renewing memberships, literally, the day before they locked the doors.

“It is stealing, that’s it exactly. It is stealing,” said Jonathan.

Obviously most clubs don’t shut down in the middle of the night the way Metro South Athletic Club did "

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