More Than 1,000 Former Mass Pike Workers, Retirees Get Free EZ Pass Tolls

November 12, 2013 11:00 PM
More Than 1,000 Former Mass Pike Workers, Retirees Get Free EZ Pass Tolls
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" BOSTON (CBS) – Did you know more than 1,000 former Massachusetts Turnpike workers and retirees are allowed to ride through tolls for free?

" The Boston Herald exposed the practice back in 2009 and a recent Herald inquiry found it’s still going on.

Before the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority was taken over by the state Department of Transportation, all turnpike employees were given what’s called “non-revenue EZ Pass transponders.”  In other words, they didn’t have to pay for tolls.

MassDOT spokesman Michael Verseckes said the privilege was taken away “little-by-little” over the years, but some were allowed to keep it and were “grandfathered in” when the Turnpike Authority was dissolved.

“Today there are 667 either active Turnpike Authority employees or former Turnpike retirees who have that privilege "

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