Online Retailers Crack Down On Chronic Returning

February 27, 2014 4:00 AM
Online Retailers Crack Down On Chronic Returning
" BOSTON (CBS) – Online shoppers are not going to like a new trend. Some retailers are now cracking down on returns. Magda Walczak is one of the shoppers retailers are now targeting. “I would say about half of the things that I actually buy, I end up returning,” she says.

Online retailers say returns are a big and growing problem, one that costs them hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Retail expert Carol Speickerman says this is a nightmare for the entire e-tailing industry. “The days of using your living room as a fitting room are going to be coming to a close,” she says.

To tease out so called “returnaholics,” retailers are hiring companies which analyze shopping data.

Dominique Levin is with Agilone.

“We look at returns in relation to the profitability of a customer. So for example, if you return 50 items that can be really terrible if you keep one. But, of course, if you return 50 items and end up buying 200 that’s fantastic.”

That is step one for companies looking to curb chronic returning.

Also, some companies are no longer sending coupons to frequent returners. Other retailers are only emailing promotions for certain products "

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