Price Tag Secrets Could Save You Money

September 18, 2013 2:35 AM
Price Tag Secrets Could Save You Money
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" BOSTON (CBS) – A price tag obviously tells you how much an item costs, but it can actually disclose a whole lot more.

Edgar Dworsky of consumerworld in Somerville said, “There is a secret code on many price tags and signs at various retailers. If you know some of those tips, you will save some extra money.”

A survey by two consumer groups found Target has a pricing strategy which can indicate if a clearance item is likely to be marked down more. If a clearance item price tag ends with an 8, that means it could be marked down again. A price ending with a 4 is the clue the item has been fully marked down.

Dworksy says that kind of information can be good for a shopper to know. “You’re learning the tricks of the trade basically "

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