Retailers Increase Emails To Consumers

July 24, 2012 12:00 AM
Retailers Increase Emails To Consumers

" BOSTON (CBS) – Does it ever feel like you can’t keep up with your inbox, that the email just keeps coming and coming?

" It might not be your imagination. Retailers are sending 20% more email than they did a year ago.

“Email marketing can be very targeted,” according to David Gerzof Richard. He is the president of Big Fish, a marketing communications firm in Brookline.

He says more companies are now seeing the benefits of email after getting on board the social media bandwagon. “You might be able to read everything in your email inbox, but there’s no way you can keep up with every tweet and every Facebook update from the people you are following.”

Newer technology, like tablets and smartphones are changing how we get information "

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