Rule Changes Could Increase Cost Of Buying Wood Stove

February 26, 2014 10:00 PM
Rule Changes Could Increase Cost Of Buying Wood Stove
" BOSTON (CBS) – A wood stove can be a wonderful way to stay warm during a long, cold winter. But if you’re one of the many New Englanders who plan on using wood for all or part of your home heating, your future costs may be taking a sharp upward turn.

The EPA wants to dramatically tighten emission standards for new wood stoves starting next year. “This pollution occurs where the public’s exposure is greatest, at the homes and the neighborhoods where people live and where kids play,” says Lisa Rector, an air quality activist.

The plan drew anxious testimony from the wood-burning industry at a Downtown Boston hearing Wednesday. The EPA estimates the cost to business at less than $16 million nationally, a small price to pay for cleaner air, they say.

“The value of those health benefits outweighs the cost by more than $100 for every dollar spent to implement,” said Alison Davis of the EPA "

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