Senators Concerned Outlet Shoppers Are Being Misled

May 15, 2014 3:10 AM
Senators Concerned Outlet Shoppers Are Being Misled
" BOSTON (CBS) – Many shoppers head to the outlets looking for a bargain. But a group of U.S. senators is not convinced the deals are so great. “I’m very concerned that outlet stores may be misleading the consumers,” says Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Senator Blumenthal, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and others have asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into claims that retailers may be selling lower quality items made specifically for outlets stores without properly informing consumers. “There’s a lot of evidence that people shopping at outlet malls or at outlet establishments have no idea that goods and merchandise are made specifically for outlet malls,” says Senator Blumenthal.

When shopping at the outlets it can be hard to tell just from looking at a price tag or label if the item came from a retail store or if it was made just for the outlet. The FTC says store employees should know the answer. So we went shopping at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets to ask the question. Store clerks told us all items were made specifically for the outlets at Banana Republic, J "

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