‘Unhealthy’ Workers May Face New Costs, Penalties For Health Care

October 28, 2013 9:00 PM
‘Unhealthy’ Workers May Face New Costs, Penalties For Health Care
" BOSTON (CBS) — It’s the time of year when most workers start making their benefit selections for next year.

Many people could face new costs and penalties as companies try to drive down health care costs.

To do that, many companies are moving away from wellness programs that provide incentives for healthier behavior.

Instead, they are penalizing workers who might not submit health data or take certain tests.

Healthy and fit, Alex Ingram of Mission Hill doesn’t think that is such a bad idea.

”I would rather pay less than someone who smokes and drinks consistently, versus me who is more athletic and engages in physical activity.”

CVS ended up in the headlines for charging penalties to workers who wouldn’t report their weight or body fat percentage.

Xerox is reportedly now screening employees for nicotine use, foregoing an honor system "

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