Verizon’s New ‘Share Everything’ Plans, By The Numbers

June 13, 2012 12:00 AM
Verizon’s New ‘Share Everything’ Plans, By The Numbers
" UNDATED (CBS) – Existing Verizon Wireless customers have a choice to make. They can stick with their current plan or switch to one of the company’s Share Everything plans when they become available on June 28. Under the new plans, subscribers pay for two things: the pool of wireless data they use every month, and the devices they add to the plan. Here’s a brief look at prices and a breakdown of which plans are best-suited for various types of users.

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— The base cost is a monthly data allowance, shared among all the devices:

1 gigabyte $50 2 gigabytes $60 4 gigabytes $70 6 gigabytes $80 8 gigabytes $90 10 gigabytes $100

— Verizon allows up to 10 devices on each plan. This is the cost of adding each device:

Smartphone $40 (With unlimited calling and texting) Non-smartphone $30 (With unlimited calling and texting) Laptop, USB data stick or “mobile hotspot” device $20 Tablet $10

Here’s how the Share Everything Plan stacks up against some current Verizon plans.

The Connected Single: One smartphone with unlimited calling, texting and 2 gigabytes of data.

Current Nationwide single-line plan: $120 per month

Share Everything: $100 per month

Winner: Share Everything "

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