Your Data Leaks Are More Common Than You May Realize

December 1, 2014 10:45 PM
Your Data Leaks Are More Common Than You May Realize
" BOSTON (CBS) – Your smart phone sends out personal information, GPS shows where you are, and it’s no problem to know which websites you visit. We’re married to our devices, but there’s a potential danger because it’s a fact, we “leak” data all the time. And if you look at a day in the life, you’ll be surprised how much.

When the alarm goes off and you start your day, your devices start communicating with the web. One of the first things for many people, checking email and weather. “The weather application knows where I live, it knows where I work, it knows where I travel,” says Lee Weiner, a senior VP at Boston’s Rapid7, a cyber security company.

He says whenever we use online services and applications we’re giving away reams of data. “Just think about how many applications you use. This is happening a lot,” he says.

Head to work and your phone connects to Bluetooth, GPS knows where you are and so does the EZ Pass system which also has your credit card information. “All of this is being communicated and stored in a variety of places across the globe,” says Weiner "

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