Around The NFL And Soccer 6: Rivalry Renewed

October 3, 2012 7:30 PM
Around The NFL And Soccer 6: Rivalry Renewed
" Here is some news that’s going on around the NFL.

The New York Jets can not catch a break. A week ago they lost their all pro cornerback, Darrell Revis to an ACL injury and then this week, they lose wide receiver Santonio Holmes to a foot injury. Both players are gone for the rest of the season. Not the way head coach Rex Ryan expected to open the first quarter of the football year.”It’s a big loss for us,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “Obviously it’s something that we wish didn’t happen to one of your best players. But that’s, unfortunately, part of this business.” Ryan feels though that his team has to step up. The outlook doesn’t change.”The fact that we lost two excellent football players does not change our expectations,” Ryan said. “How many people will feel sorry for the New York Jets?” Ryan asked. “I’ve got the answer … nobody.”

This weekend the NFL will have a rivalry renewed. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are friends off the field but fierce competitors on it. They will play each other on Sunday "

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