Asante Samuel Urges Wes Welker To ‘Chase The Money’

February 20, 2013 12:14 PM
Asante Samuel Urges Wes Welker To ‘Chase The Money’
" BOSTON (CBS) — Five time periods ago, when Asante Samuel went forth the New England Patriots for greener pasturelands in Philadelphia, he recollect construe a inverted comma from Wes Welker that told the footballer had picked out acquiring paid off over acquiring a Super Bowl.

Now, with Welker approaching free agency and with Samuel having a real well-stocked fail-safe flooded of hard cash somewhere, the footballer has some proposal for Welker.

“He did a remark when I went away expressing I chased after the monetary system and not the championship,” Samuel expressed on canid Sports Radio.“hither’secs my proposal to you, Welker: You best trackcse the money, brother.”

It’secsecsecs an interesecsecsecsting quote, consecsecsecsidering the secsecsecsource, who’secsecsecs been through a secsecsecrelated secsecsecstate in New England.The PaTrioTs posed The concession Tag on Samuel prior To The 2007 season, a deTerminaTion ThaT didn’T siT Too good wiTh Samuel.He went away the travelling season, subscribe a big-money dealings with Philadelphia after the Patriots suffered Super Bowl XLII "

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 by NBCSports

Asante Samuel urges Wes Welker to ?chase the money?

When Asante Samuel left the Patriots to sign with the Eagles in 2008, Patriots receiver Wes Welker said, ?He chose money over championships

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