Bedard On Gresh & Zo: New CBA Having Adverse Effects On NFL Injuries

November 8, 2013 5:21 PM
Bedard On Gresh & Zo: New CBA Having Adverse Effects On NFL Injuries
" BOSTON (CBS) – Senior NFL writer Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated joined Gresh and Zolak Friday afternoon to talk all things NFL, but the discussion began in talking about the NFL’s injury epidemic.

Gresh referenced an article by Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports that takes a look at injuries across the NFL and why they are on such a meteoric rise.

Gresh can’t help but wonder if the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement – which limits the amount of contact and practice time throughout the year – has somehow hurt rather than helped the effort to curb injuries.

Is the NFL’s new CBA putting players more at risk?

“My personal opinion from talking to a few people around the league is that the changes in the CBA – where they’ve cut down on contact and offseason stuff – I think people are of the opinion that the bodies aren’t toughened up before the season like they’re used to. They’re just not prepared for that,” said Bedard.

Bedard thinks it’s helped in one regard, but hurt in another "

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Bedard On Gresh & Zolak: New CBA Having Adverse Effects On NFL Injuries

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