Brady, Belichick Have Had Some Wild (Bad) Luck In Denver

January 18, 2014 2:00 PM
Brady, Belichick Have Had Some Wild (Bad) Luck In Denver
" BOSTON (CBS) – It doesn’t matter if it’s called Mile High, Invesco or Sports Authority Field; strange things always seem to happen when the Patriots head to Denver.

It’s where Tom Brady threw his first career interception, the site of the Patriots’ first playoff loss under Bill Belichick, and the spot where the coach calmly called for an intentional safety in order to escape with a clever win.

And all of that came well before they legalized the whacky tabacky, so who knows what will be in store for Sunday’s AFC Championship.

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Brady and Belichick are 2-4 together in Denver, one of the few venues that hasn’t been very kind to the duo. Sure, this time around they have John Fox and not Mike Shanahan scheming on the sidelines, and there is the added possibility of a “Manning face” appearance, but it’s hard to look back on their previous trips to Denver and not expect something out of the ordinary to occur on Sunday "

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