Brady: ‘It’s Never Easy’ Against The Ravens

January 16, 2013 3:44 PM
Brady: ‘It’s Never Easy’ Against The Ravens
" BOSTON (CBS) –  The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens have a talent for assemblage each another in the postseason.

For the 2d yr in a row, the two will bully off at Gillette Stadium with a journeying to the Super Bowl on the line.And for the ordinal time period in a row, the Patriots are wishing they will be the ones triumphant in the usually-close matters they’ve become accustomed to when the purplish craniates from Baltimore line up across from them.

“Weâ??re musical performance against a large eleven that plain is the abstraction to be here.We cognize how difficult of a unit they are, both schematically and personnel-wise,” New England signal caller Tom Brady expressed on Wednesday.

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