Bruins, Celtics, Patriots All Rank High On Businessweek’s ‘Smartest Spenders In Sports’

September 1, 2012 12:00 AM
Bruins, Celtics, Patriots All Rank High On Businessweek’s ‘Smartest Spenders In Sports’
" BOSTON (CBS) — Whether it be through sports radio, on television or in print, the discussion of how sports teams spend their money can sometimes provide more fodder than the actual games.

It’s interesting, then, to note that when it comes to the local teams, three of the four are spending their money very, very wisely (and one is spending its money rather recklessly).

Businessweek released its list of the “Smartest Spenders in Sports,” using a formula that calculates how much franchises in the four major sports leagues have spent per win over the last five years.

The list has the Tampa Bay Rays as the smartest spenders in all of sports with a negative-1.8198 efficiency rating.

Not far behind, though, are the Boston Bruins at No. 6 (negative.1.3156), the Boston Celtics at No. 7 (negative-1.2974) and the Patriots at No. 8 (negative-1.1751) "

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