Edelman Does It All For Patriots Against Colts

November 19, 2012 7:48 AM
Edelman Does It All For Patriots Against Colts
" BOSTON (CBS) – Julian Edelman did it all for the Patriots on Sunday.

Punt return for a touchdown? Check.

Catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady? Check.

Break a 47-yard run out of the backfield? Check.

Plain and simple, Edelman made plays against the Indianapolis Colts, and helped the Patriots put up 21 of their 59 points on Sunday. While he didn’t score on his 47-yard run in the second half, Stevan Ridley found the end zone from three yards out on the very next play.

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It was the breakout game Edelman has been looking for all season.

“[I] had some opportunities to make some plays and was fortunate that it went my way today,” he said after the win. “We executed a few plays in special teams. [The] defense played well. We played overall a complementary football game "

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